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Online Diagnostic Tools
by Moodle Administrator - Friday, 28 February 2014, 11:11 PM

Sometimes websites appear to not work the way they should. There could be many reasons for this. If the problems are only short lived, you're in luck. If they are long term, your computer may have a problem.

Here are three tools you can use to help trouble shoot your problem.

Support Details scans your browser and provides you with useful information about your browser.

Speetest allows you to measure how fast data downloads and uploads to and from your computer. There are no right or wrong results, except for when everything is very slow, the numbers will tell you. It's a fun tool to play with. 

Down for everyone or just me allows you to check if a website is down or not. If you can't get to the site, chances are other people can. It wont fix your problem, but at least you will know if the site is up or not.

AVG Website Link Scanner can be a useful tool to quickly check if a website or suspicious link in your email may be malicious or not. Its not 100% safe, but in case of doubt, put the link into the scanner and see what it says.