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Course rotation between semesters
by Moodle Administrator - Monday, 20 January 2014, 2:49 PM

As part of the course rotation process in moodle, we are requesting all teachers to adjust their category settings for those courses they wish to continue to use. This should only take seconds for each course. This measure is intended to help keep the number of inactive courses to a minimum and keep our moodle system fast.

As a result, courses that are not changed into the '2013/14 Sem 2 & Full Year' categories will become inactive on March 01 and will be removed by the end of the school year. Active courses in current categories will never be removed!

Please adjust the course category setting from '2013/14 Sem 1' to '2013/14 Sem 2 & Full Year' for each course you wish to continue to use as shown in the pictures below.

Some additional notes:

1) You may add new courses or restore old courses to the '2013/14 Sem 2 & Full Year' category.

2) You are encouraged to download a backup of your courses to your own computer at the end of January.

3) Please reset your courses making sure all students are unenrolled, and assignments, discussions and grades are deleted.

4) Please help us maintain a fast moodle (and network) by making an effort to move your video content into Youtube or Google drive.