Course Orientation

CCS3140 Introduction

Course Orientation




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Welcome to CCS3140: Early Learning and Child Care 4! This is a one-credit course focusing on building understandings of cultural diversity and of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples of Canada. You will also learn to work collaboratively with families.




Each session includes learning activities. Your course grade will be determined through these activities. As you progress through this course, you and your teacher will decide the weighting of each session and individual learning activity within each session.


You will also observe and interact with children and child care providers in a child care facility. Generally speaking, you will spend approximately 10–12 hours in a child care facility.




The time allotted for this course is 25 hours. There are three sessions. Each session will take approximately 4.5 hours to complete. You may need more time to complete some sessions and less time to complete others. You will also spend some time completing the Course Summary.


Icon Legend


The following icons are included in this course as visual reminders of what you need to do:


Checking In

You will need to contact your teacher.


Checking My Understanding

You will complete an activity to see how well you understand the information presented.


Child Care Facility

You will need to go to a child care facility to complete an activity.


Course Project

You will work on your course project.




The Toolkit is a library of the important documents presented to you throughout the course. Go to the Toolkit at any time to see the following documents and all of the rubrics and checklists:

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